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The Research and Development department in Varmys, receives information of market trends. Varmys applies them in new ideas, new projects and developments. Our commercial network, supported by the Design department, work closely with the customer, in order to develop this idea that is growing. This illusion..., this different kind of product presentation, this new brand image that the customer wants in order to differentiate himself from the competitors.
We study the materials, supports, colours, technical processes and finishing, with the most economical price. Then, we produce it.

Varmys has the human and technical resources necessaries for this. Varmys adds that craftsman component, the passion for the job well done that we like so much. Because we are excited if we help to sell a product, if we help to highlight a brand or corporate.

So we do it in Varmys, with new concepts, but the same spirit from the 60s.
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